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Liquidating a home after the loss of a loved one or planning a move for an elderly parent is a time-consuming and emotionally difficult job. Furniture, documents, and a lifetime of accumulations must be dealt with. Loved ones often have questions such as:

How will I clear out all of this stuff?
Can I sell any of it?
Are there companies that could do this for me?

Whether you are downsizing, moving to a smaller home
or have suffered a loss of a loved one, 
we can take the burden off you and your family.

Luckily, just one phone call to Heritage Estate Liquidations & Antique Appraisals will get you the help you need.
We’ll be your on-site advisor, freeing up your time for family, work, and life.


What is an Estate Liquidation?

An estate liquidation is a sale conducted at your home to sell all of the contents inside it. This will include everything in the house from clothes, furniture and household goods, to cars, patio furniture, and garage items. Estate sale professionals will go through all of your possessions, estimate their value, then arrange, display, and price everything that will go into the sale. Furthermore, they will absorb the expense of managing the actual sale itself including difficult tasks like crowd control, security, and marketing. The company works off a percentage of the items sold and your home is completely cleared out at the end of the sale.

A common misconception when people use the term estate sale is there must be items of high value involved in the sale. The average home has a lifetime of accumulation of what most people will call “stuff.” We always recommend not throwing out or selling anything until we have had a chance to assist. The assessment of your loved one’s items can make a difference in how much you are able to recover from the sale of the estate assets. Your loved one’s possessions do not have to be of high value in order to have a professional estate sale from which you can profit and, at the same time, have the whole home cleared out.

Where Should I Begin?

Just one call will get the process started.  When you call, we will discuss your needs based on your current situation. Then we will quickly schedule a time to meet at the current home. From there we will be able to quickly start coordinating and overseeing everything needed to reach your desired outcome. We recommend that you do not throw anything away as even little things could be sold at an estate sale or buyout.

Onsite sales involve, staging the home, pricing contents, advertise online and in print, emailing our customer base, posting signs. After sale activity includes getting a donation group to remove unsold items, leaving the home broom clean.

Our fee is a sliding scale, based upon the actual outcome of the sale.

Payment is made within 1 day of the close of sale activity and will include a general inventory if needed.

Clean outs are arranged for a flat fee and involve removing everything including loading of rubbish and debris. Dumpster rental, if necessary, to be arranged by family.

Every situation is unique; each client deserves the best we have to offer. We are flexible in tailoring our services to fit your needs. Heritage Estate Liquidations & Antique Appraisals is proud to give you professional service with a personal touch.